The Milwaukee Brewers

A Public-Private Partnership Success Story

Miller Park has been an enormously successful public-private partnership that has preserved Major League Baseball in Wisconsin and has enabled the Milwaukee Brewers to generate consistently high attendance levels despite operating in the smallest market in MLB.

An independent study by Conventions, Sports & Leisure International – a leading advisory firm specializing in the sports and entertainment industries – shows that the Ballpark construction and ongoing Brewers operations have generated $2.5 billion in total economic output for the state of Wisconsin.

Total Economic Output

The economic output is even higher in the city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County due to the spending by Miller Park visitors who reside in Wisconsin but outside the Milwaukee area. In addition, Miller Park and the Brewers have generated thousands of jobs, billions in direct spending and personal earnings, and hundreds of millions in tax revenue so far in the state of Wisconsin, city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County from 1999 to 2019.

It is no secret that other ballparks have fallen into disrepair or are obsolete, forcing MLB clubs and communities to scramble to fund expensive new stadiums or make major renovations to existing facilities. By contrast, the Brewers continue to invest millions in Miller Park to ensure that the Ballpark remains an affordable, safe, innovative, and first-class destination for the best fans in baseball. As the CSL report clearly reveals, the Ballpark and the Brewers have wielded a massive economic impact for the state that fully justifies the vision of elected officials, team executives, and the public in funding the construction of one of the crown jewels of MLB ballparks and ensuring Major League Baseball in Wisconsin.